Beat the competition with a robust SEO strategy.

Page two of Google search is the best place to hide a dead body; its not where you want your businesses website. Get in front of customers literally searching for what you offer with SEO.

What Our Clients Say

I worked with Ben and his team supporting SEO objects of an online travel startup in the US. I found his technical knowledge to be unparalleled to many of the marketers I’ve worked with previously. He was able to quickly decipher issues and evaluate the marketplace to define a unique strategy. His deliverables were on time and thorough. He continued to support us with questions after our initial project to ensure the plan was implemented correctly. Will be working with him again in the future!

Tom Feary,

Ben is a trusted, passionate, experienced digital advertising professional who is able to provide timely, reliable, interpretation of data, and trends to form competitive strategies and hands on execution of ads to increase site leads and improve ranking. He has also been very helpful in attending and contributing to high stakes partnership meetings. I would happily recommend him.

Deb Morrison, Petcloud

They did a great job in identifying and analyzing problems, tackling issues and providing comprehensive reports for our website. We’ve been struggling in SEO for a while, turning our web page to AMP was a one brilliant idea and a game-changer for us!

Qais Ammari,

Why would I need SEO?

Google is where your customers are asking important questions like, “where can I find an electrician near me” or “why is product A better than product B”. There is no argument that a business wants their website to be in front of as many people as they can asking questions as relevant to them as possible.

Just because you create content or pages doesn’t guarantee you traffic is going to come to your website. In a recent study looking at more than one million pages online it was discovered that 91% of the content never got viewed. That means 91% of content one the web people take time to write never gets looked at. A good SEO expert can lead the conversation of what content should be created that customers need and then ensure it is being found on Google for the right terms.
It’s the digital marketing channel with a constantly scaling ROI in the right hands. A great SEO strategy is the equivalent of a term deposit savings account, it’s your nest egg that always goes up in value.

Cartoon of all the parts of SEO including content, reviews, research and link building

Search Is A Team Effort

SEM, SEO both have their advantages and limitations. So which is the best marketing strategy? The answer, neither are the best. They go hand in hand with one another and ideally you should implement both approaches for best results. Note that only if everything is done correctly will you see the results come to fruition. Hence why it is essential to know exactly what you are doing and if you don’t, outsource it.

SEO stands for Search Engine OptimisationOptimisation and is the ability of how well your website ranks organically in the search engine results. Note the term organic. This means you are not paying for advertising costs. This method of marketing involves constantly updating your website to rank as high as possible in the organic search results. This is relative to the topic of the website, and it’s relevance to search queries. If ranking well for terms with SEO you want to use in SEM a large part of the work is done for you when trying to get a great quality score.


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