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What is Display Advertising?

To reach customers visually, you need display advertising. It comes in many different forms such as image banner ads, video content, in-app and flash advertisements. Display advertisements are targeted towards audience members who are not actively seeking the ads. They are positioned on websites and social media platforms to catch the audience’s eyes.

Programmatic advertising is the process of bidding for specific ad placements on websites. To gain an ad placement on a website, placements are auctioned off through real-time bidding which is a system that focuses on managing the process of purchasing and selling them. Supply and demand is controlled by software like demand-side platforms, where businesses looking for ad spaces can decide their criteria for buying an ad placement. The software allows websites to register their ad inventory or commonly known as display advertising space. The bidding for space commences based on how much a demand-side platform deems the impression (the views the ad may receive) is worth. Once the request is placed the ads placement is almost instant. The demand-side platform uses analytics to evaluate each ad space and determine the bid. When a customer’s website loads, the new ads will be present on the landing page.

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Aspects of search engine marketing can be costly when compared to the results gained. With display advertising though, it’s easier to reach large target audiences for a reasonable price. For radio, television, billboard and mailing ads, to reach the same volume of people that display advertising does, it would cost a business exponentially more. With the internet, it has become easier to advertise to customers quickly, so they are aware of your brand. The visibility of your brand is achieved through visual ads, and this increases the number of clicks an ad receives. When compared to search advertising, display advertising is cheaper in the long term. This online marketing tool is especially useful to advertise a new business, a business advertising to a new target market or a company hoping to hone in on their existing target market.

It is important to set goals for your display advertising campaign to gain the most out of this advertising form. It is necessary first to understand what you want to achieve with your advertisement. Your goal needs to be clear, concise and include a change in numerical figures such as increasing your sales by 15% or gain 500 new customers signing up to a feature in your business. This will help you to know what you want to gain from your campaign and will help to customise it for the best results. The results of display advertising are not usually immediate and will take time to be seen. This is why research surrounding your audience and ad placement are needed. By following the right advertising processes, this helps with google ads to grow your customers brand awareness.

The cost of an impression depends on where it appears and when it is scheduled. The timing of an ad appearing isn’t controllable, as it is generated randomly. An online advertising network connects the ad hosting websites -the suppliers- to where there is demand allowing ad servers to track and analyse the habits of their market segments. The platforms where digital display advertisements are placed are on websites, blogs, emails and messaging apps. The most commonly used type is on sites due to their ability to catch audiences when they are distracted. Websites especially smaller ones can benefit from selling their space through an ad network.

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