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What Our Clients Say

Ben is a trusted, passionate, experienced digital advertising professional who is able to provide timely, reliable, interpretation of data, and trends to form competitive strategies and hands on execution of ads to increase site leads and improve ranking. He has also been very helpful in attending and contributing to high stakes partnership meetings. I would happily recommend him.

Deb Morrison, Petcloud

Ben and the team are fantastic, they have been incredibly responsive and helpful with my digital marketing strategy. Highly recommend!

Greyden Scott, Pizza Roulette

Great company to work for and incredibly switched on when it comes to digital marketing. Well worth your time.

James Tolson, Tubies

Dreamflex (pardon the pun), have been a dream to work with. They are definitely not your usual cookie cutter agency. Ben and his team have taken the time to understand our business, build a well thought out strategy and then implement. This consultative approach and engaged interaction is a breath of fresh air in the digital marketing/agency industry. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben and his team.

Derek Morgan, USA Sports, Marsden Freshstart

A common question asked is, do Facebook ads work?

It is vital to understand the difference between paid search, which helps your target market find your business and paid social campaigns that help your business find potential customers. Facebook ads encompass a combination of reaching customers and potential prospects while helping your business, specifically target users, likely to have an interest in your offered products and/or services. When starting off, you need to understand your consumer’s needs, to deliver more value instead of a sales pitch. This produces a higher growth and engagement rate; to promote your page within your consumers reach to gain more sales for your business.

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Social Media and Business Today

Social media is a significant factor in business today. Facebook is a central platform when engaging in social media advertising to gain reach and conversions for your brand. It is essential to leverage your Facebook ads to have the right consumers at the right time, viewing your businesses posts. Consistent optimisation of your ad campaign in line with changing market trends will effectively reach consumers. Know where your customer comes from, what they engage with the most, and what triggered their purchase.

If you are looking to expand your brand, regain customer engagement and produce sales, Facebook advertising could be an option for you! Wanting to have a chat and determine the best strategy for your business? Get in contact with us today to learn more about social media advertising.


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