Some agencies do digital marketing wrong.

It is a big statement. But if it were not true, you would not be looking at yet another digital agency website. And, we would not have had the opportunity to enter the market.

Many agencies seem not to understand how businesses work. They get distracted by metrics you can’t grow a business on, like clicks, avg position, impressions and traffic. Then they sell off the shelf packages without tailoring a solution. This is crazy, as no two businesses are the same nor their problems identical, there is almost no chance this will help you. Companies need to make money. Otherwise, they are a hobby. Driving revenue is where your agency should be putting their time and what they should be being held accountable too.

Dreamflex exists to drive business growth.

Our focus is on the business problem we are working to solve together, and our strategic recommendations are always informed by what matters to you, a healthy return on investment. 

Let’s discover how you can turn $1 into $7 or better. Over and over again.

  • If website traffic is the problem, we build more traffic. 
  • If the quality of your traffic is an issue, we focus on segmentation. 
  • If the conversion rate is the issue, we put optimisation energy here. 
  • If you’re not keeping your database engaged, we will likely work on direct targeting like email marketing. 
  • If the product isn’t competitive, we help you evolve your product. 

Yes, this is a lot of work. The good news is that most businesses won’t put in the effort if you are the exception you can build profitable, scalable funnels.