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Our team are expert data-driven marketers, great storytellers and natural entrepreneurs. Making us an effective force on the crypto scene.

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What if your business had a technical marketing partner functioning as a seamless extension of your team? A special ops squad obsessed with hitting your growth target;

Dreamflex is this partner.

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  • Our clients have experienced significant overreach of their goals and growth.

  • Dreamflex client saw their growth exceed 70% Y.oY despite the crippling pandemic.

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The story with Travala.com is just beginning as Ben remains their CMO. He has led their marketing results to speak for themselves with a growing community dedicated to the project lifting demand for the token take a look for yourself.


Fundshing is a Venture Capital for Blockchain Startups. Dreamflex partnered with fundshing to help it’s entire digital marketing and also its alliance’s entire ICO marketing projects.


OnePass is a digital evidence verification solution on OneLedger’s blockchain protocol.  Dreamflex helps on website building and SEO 


Robinhoodswap is a new BSC yield farming platform that shares a portion of yields with charitable causes overseen by the DAO. Dreamflex began working with the RBH team just 12 days out from launch and helped ensure the project gained global attention through contents and social media marketing.


Kick coin has successfully launched their ICO with us, focused on Influencer and social media marketing that has gained their investors in other countries. They have positioned themselves as a Trusted ICO platform through PR.


World Token

WORLD TOKEN is a unique marketplace platform that combines frictionless yield protocols for instant rewards with the additional benefits of staking, Dreamflex helps them to engage with digital goods provider by sales and marketing strategy 


Marketing solutions specialised for Crypto

Influencer & Thought Leader Marketing

  • Words from influencers are a critical asset related to marketing. We have solid and trustworthy networks worldwide with cryptocurrency & blockchain leaders willing to have a deep understanding and review of your projects.

  • There is no better channel for a brand than organic search. Why? Organic clicks from search results are free. Organic search clicks, despite being lower down the page, drastically outperform paid products in terms of driving traffic to a site. A solid organic search strategy is the no.#1 way we know to reduce a brands total CPA. SEO is not set and forget. There is always more that you can do to stay ahead of the competition.

  • We have several years of SEM and PPC experience managing successful campaigns across Google and Bing, from small-budget local campaigns to massive campaigns in multiple countries across the world (including campaigns translated in several languages at a time)
    in Google ads, Twitter ads, Reddit ads, LinkedIn ads, YouTube ads, and more, we focus on returning as many conversions as possible at the lowest cost is our first objective.

Social Media Management

  • Social media management for a small team or even a big marketing team finds it hard, as your stakeholders may refer to your project’s potentials with how many followers and what kind of contents you are providing. Our 10+ years of experience social media management team will help you get rid of your burden and kick-ass contents! Managing different languages community is also available.

Reddit and Forum Management

  • Managing your forum is important; core followers and investor coming from venues such as reddit, bitcointalk, and other forums. Growing your community on all of the platforms with our grassroots crypto marketing strategy. Targeting the different language or countries are available too (Korea, China, Japan, etc.)

Public Relations

  • Working closely with your team to creating a press release to publish, our team will deliver organic coverage to the most significant publications such as CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Yahoo Finance, and Decrypt.

Partnership and network growing

  • We have a solid structured outreach program to grow your partnership and network growing in your niche field. Our team has 2 CMO working on a Crypto project to help you succeed.

Appealing Website Design

  • One of the first ways potential investors are introduced to your new coin is through its websites or social media. A booming cryptocurrency website design by our in house designer features the latest design styles and is up to date with the newest user experience principles. Having forward-looking cryptocurrency design images lets investors know that you value keeping up with the latest technologies in all areas of your work.

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